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View, Sign, and Pay


If you have a Drake Portal Account, click on the Drake Portal button at the top of this webpage and sign in to view your return. 

If you do not have a Drake Portal Login, please contact our office to have one set up for you. 


If you choose to e-sign (electronically sign) your documents, we will send you an email from Citrix Right Signature. 

If you decide to sign in person, please contact our office and let us know ahead of time so we have time to prepare your documents.


To pay for your tax preparation fee, we accept card, cash, and check payments in person. You can also pay over the phone with a credit card, or mail in a check. 

Paying Your Taxes Online

Balance Due on Tax Returns

For federal tax due, you can pay online by clicking one of the following links: 

          Bank account via IRS Direct Pay 

          Payment card or digital wallet 

          Payment Plans 


For Alabama tax due, you can pay online using this link: 

          ALDOR Income Tax Payment 

Estimated Tax Payments

For estimated payments on your current year tax, you can pay online by clicking one of the following links below.

          Bank Account via IRS Direct Pay 
          Payment Card or Digital Wallets 

For State Estimated Tax Payments, please contact our office for vouchers, or go to ALDOR to make a payment online. 

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